Innovation / research & development

The in house experience of Heatmaster combined with new regulations, entrance into new markets and the continuous drive for higher efficiency in global shipping creates the right environment in Heatmaster to innovate.

The regulations that come into force on 1-1-2020 limiting Sulphur oxide emissions drive the change to cleaner fuels in the shipping industry.  Also our fired heaters a­nd boilers need to comply with these regulations. In order to have the right products in time Heatmaster has developed solutions for using natural gas or LNG as a fuel for the boilers and heaters.  Also the use of low sulpher liquid fuels require a change to the existing standard solutions for fuel burning. Even the economizer designs have been updated to cope with the change of fuels. The innovation process has among other developments lead to the market introduction of the Heatmaster GVU, which we now apply to all new LNG or Dual Fuel applications.

Apart from the new fuels Heatmaster focuses on heat recovery solutions to save fuel to the maximum while keeping a smart and robust system design. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, we will find the right solution for your case!

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