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Video by Studio Rogier Bos

Travel the world with the new CMA CGM container vessel Jacques Saade

Travel the world with the new CMA CGM container vessel Jacques Saade which is able to take you on a voyage around the world on just one tank. An 18,600 m3 tank filled with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to be precise. On November 11th 2020, this ultra large container vessel (ULCV) made its first visit to the Rotterdam port.

As a shipping company CMA CGM aims to be part of the solution when it comes to reducing it’s operational impact on climate change. This French shipowner invests in an impressive LNG-fleet. By 2022 they will have a fleet of twenty LNG-powered vessels in service: nine 23,000 TEU ships, five 15,000 TEU ships and six 14,000 TEU ships.

Heatmaster manufactures the Void Space Heating system for fourteen of these vessels. We are proud to be part of this huge enterprise that marks an important and historical step in ecological marine-transition.

The Jacques Saade

The ship is a tribute to the founder Jacques Saade of CMA CGM. A few specifications about the exceptional dimensions: this ship is 400 meters long and 61 meters wide and it is the largest container vessel in the world that runs on LNG. Try to imagine a true industrial cathedral with exceptional volumes and a state of the art cockpit (smart eye, augmented reality, path prediction system, etc). Built around an enormous LNG-tank that can contain the same amount of water as seven Olympic size swimming pools.

Heatmaster delivers the Void Space Heating Systems

Currently LNG is considered the least harmful fossil fuel, the most advanced solution when it comes to preserving air quality and an important step forward towards tackling global warming. The gas must be stored at a temperature of -163 ºC to ensure it remains liquid.

‘Just like a house has a cavity wall, this tank is surrounded by a space of air that serves as insulation. We build heating systems that ensure that the air in that cavity (void) doesn’t get too cold in order to protect the properties of the materials outside the tank. In other words: if the ship gets too cold, because of the temperature of the gas, the ship breaks, as easy as chocolate from the fridge,’ Pieter Borg of Heatmaster explains. ‘Working together with great companies such as the shipyard of Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding and CMA CGM has allowed us to develop ultimate void heating systems that are safe and reliable under all circumstances.’

We set the standard

With the energy transition rapidly developing Heatmaster works on standard solutions for void heating based on water glycol. For LNG Carriers as well as LNG-Fueled vessels. ‘Worldwide demand for marine-transport keeps growing. There is still plenty of space on the water. Shipyards need to build ships at lower costs and with minimum emissions. We aim to apply knowledge and quality in innovative, standardized or tailor made heating applications. For a fair price. You can expect a lot from us. There’s always something new to think about.’