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Supporting the Dutch Cancer Foundation

At Heatmaster we are proud that except for a team of good engineers we also have a team of people who are conscientious. Our Coert Eijgendaal participated on the Amsterdam half marathon to support the Dutch Cancer Foundation.

This what Coert said about his motivation:

In addition to these fun things, we also all experience unpleasant things in life. I experienced up close that someone lost the battle against cancer and that we had to say goodbye to her. Bad memories find a place, but sometimes we want to do something extra to support research against this disease. I decided to register as team of Dutch Cancer Foundation and to get sponsored for this sporting challenge.

It was wonderful running weather and great fun to experience this day with all other athletes. The finish is in the Olympic stadium used in 1928 Olympics and when you walk through the gate into the stadium it is really a goosebumps moment. On one hand you have achieved a very nice performance and on the other hand you think of your loved one that you have lost and you realize that you have raised money for cancer research again so that hopefully no one will have to die from this disease in the future.

Thank you everyone and Heatmaster for the generous donations and it is still possible to make your donations! Feel free to join me in my next challenge.


Congratulation Coert, we are proud of your achievement. Heatmaster will always support activities aimed at social solidarity.