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02 July 2021

Heatmaster’s Heat System Design helps lower energy costs for new ferry for the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Heatmaster and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

Together with Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) from South Korea, Heatmaster takes part in the heat system-construction of the Steam Packet’s new battery hybrid ferry. A ship designed to bring passengers fast, safe and comfortably to or from the Isle of Man as well as transport extensive freight capability.

High standards

There are different kinds of challenges with a project like this. A crucial one is safety: passengers and crew must always be able to reach the port safely under all conditions, however rough the Irish Sea may be. In addition, the client sets high standards for comfort, capacity, speed, continuity and efficiency. It’s the Steam Packet’s aim to build multipurpose, state-of-the-art vessels, which are designed to meet the specific needs of the Isle of Man and the ports they serve.
The Isle of Man has ambitions for growth for tourism and the ferry company plays an important role in this.

Meeting environmental expectations

One of the main important objectives for the maritime industry and it’s sunstainability goals is: use less energy. Which means that successful business at sea requires constant attention to innovation. This ship is built using the latest techniques with special focus on reducing local emissions and meeting environmental expectations.
Heatmaster has been asked to design the heating system and the sanitary water system on board. This includes hot water storage for saving fuel while in port.

The Heatmaster designs

Our hot water heating system design consists of 4 economisers which use the hot exhaust gases of the engines to heat the water. This system has a back up as well: the electrical heater that provides heating while the ferry is in port.
The main heatconsumers on board are:

  1. the airconditioning system, and
  2. the sanitary water system, heated by the main heating system during voyage, thus using recovered heat from the engines – we store this heat in a set of accumulators so that it can be consumed when needed.

Especially on board passenger vessels, demand for sanitary water is high and has specific peak moments. Like, for example, when hot water is needed when the ship is in port and passengers and crew want to take a nice warm shower.
Energy conservation systems from exhaust gases have a lot of advantages: reducing fuel consumption, increasing overall efficiency, reducing pollution and emissions and, last but not least, saving money.
Heatmaster designed both systems with focus on high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions. These systems are not only applicable for the new battery hybrid ferry of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. With our knowledge and experience we offer customer-specific heating designs, including
sanitary water systems, for a wide range of vessels.

The advantages of Heatmaster energy-storage design

  • high reliability
  • energy-saving
  • ensures continuity
  • environmental protection
  • simple operation
  • tailor made for competitive prices
  • future proof product development

The oldest continuously operating passenger shipping company in the world

The Isle of Man Steampacket Company (IoMSPC) is not just an ordinary ferry company which serves the Isle of Man. Their management team lives and works there, they employ more than 300 Isle of Man residents and they support the local economy significantly. In short: they always look for what’s best for the island.
They started their nautical history in 1830 with a wooden paddle steamer named Mona’s Isle. Today the IoMSPC is a modern company that serves over 600.000 passengers a year. With the new ship yet to be build, the company looks forward to their 200th anniversary.

The Art of Heat System Design

Delivery of the new vessel is scheduled for spring 2023. Pieter Borg: ‘This collaboration with HMD and the IoMSPC is a great opportunity for Heatmaster to show where our strengths lie. Every ship is different, every client is unique. That makes every assignment special and distinctive. We are proud to be trusted with this contract by such a solid and special client. What distinguishes us from other manufacturers is that Heatmaster masters the art of developing high-tech tailor made solutions in a competitive market.

We call it The Art of Heat System Design.


‘The Isle of Man Steam Packet is pleased to be working with Heatmaster on our new Vessel, Manxman. Their experience in heat recovery and storage, as well as passenger vessel requirements, have helped us to design a heating and hot water system that matched our requirements for a vessel that emits zero emissions in port. It has been a pleasure to work with Pieter Borg and his team at Heatmaster and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.’
James Royston - Fleet Operations Manager