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Heerema, Sleipnir

During the last four years you could see it materialise, almost like a mirage, levitating above every conceivable expectation. The largest dual-fuel crane vessel in the world. A jaw dropping strong and big semi-submersible vessel, ordered by Heerema Marine Contractors (Leiden, The Netherlands). Named after the Norse eight-legged legend: SLEIPNIR, this vessel is the strongest and biggest of all crane-vessels in the world.

You can’t begin to grasp it until you have actually witnessed the size and strength of this massive ship that is equipped for commissioning and decommissioning in the offshore oil-, gas- and windenergy industry.

The scene

Two heavy-lifting offshore cranes, each with 10,000 tonne lifting capacity. Length: 220 metres. Width: 102 metres. Crew: up to 400 persons. Engines: 12 of 8 MW each. 8 stories below the main deck. With extended cranes the vessel is more than 85 metres taller than the London Eye.

The vessel stands out as the world’s first crane vessel with dual-fuel engines running on Marine Gas Oil (MGO) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). And this is where we come in.

Fix the job

Heatmaster built two hot water boilers for Sleipnir. With a weight of 12,500 kilo per boiler, height 2,5 metres, length 7,5 metres and diameter of 2 metres they are not exactly petite boilers. Nevertheless, it takes a scavenger hunt to find them on the SLEIPNIR. We know that from experience. A special project like this starts with basic engineering and evolves gradually in customisation to the production of a unique hot water system. A journey that we made together with Heerema Marine Contractors and Sembcorp Marine Shipyard.

The Art

How to build a heat system for an LNG driven vessel this size? First we read. Hundreds of documents and numerous drawings. Then we start consultations with the client and the shipyard. Leaving nothing to chance. Safety regulations, striving for structural cost reduction and protection of marine biology. We focus. We find answers for ever so many questions the shipyard fires at us. Multiple demands need to be orchestrated from many angles. Then we build. We test, we guard quality, and we test again. And again. Until everything is perfect. That’s the art of Heat System Design.

The show must go on

Imagine the SLEIPNIR on the job. In open sea. It’s cold, the ocean may be angry, calm or something in between. SLEIPNIR is ready to lift a complete offshore deck. Imagine the costs of a project like this. Or the immense amount of hot water needed after the workers finish their shift and long for a warm shower. There is no room for delay. No room for failure, the show must go on. Heatmaster designed a system that ensures continuity during peak demands and unforeseen circumstances.

When they chose us, Heerema presumably knew that Heatmaster is the most reliable ánd by far the most creative partner to work with in the field of custom made heat systems. We are proud to be part of this amazing teamwork. After all, teamwork wins championships.

Images: Heerema Marine Contractors