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Doeksen Ferry

Many tourists, residents and commercial freight traffic, ride on the Doeksen ferries that connect Harlingen with the Wadden islands Vlieland and Terschelling. About 736,000 passengers each year cross the Wadden Sea with Doeksen to reach their destination.

Ebb and flow

The Wadden Sea is the largest tidal flats system in the world and natural processes keeping their course undisturbed. UNESCO listed the Wadden Sea as World Heritage for its globally unique geological and ecological values. Rederij Doeksen takes on the responsibility of preserving this irreplaceable ecosystem for the benefit of future generations.

It was not only in the old days that the Dutch were heroic seafarers/explorers. Nowadays the owners of this shipping company are eager to search for innovation, not scared of unorthodox solutions while keeping their core values in mind. An example of such innovation was the choice to step away from the norm by ordering 2 aluminium LNG driven catamarans to expand their fleet.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Currently LNG is the cleanest fossile fuel, as the the combustion does not emit soot, dust or fumes. It generates 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than fuel oil, has a twofold reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and almost no environmentally-damaging sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissons. Enough about chemistry. LNG is an excellent alternative if you want to contribute to protecting the Wadden Sea.

What does Heatmaster have to do with all this good news? Well, to be honest, Rederij Doeksen asked us to build a heating system with the intention to use it as little as possible. Recovering heat from the engines cooling water is the primary method to achieve the desired temperatures. Therefore our Hot Water Boilers are mainly used as a back up, for extra security. Plus, Dutch winters at sea can be cold and when the vessels are in the port for loading and unloading, the engines don’t work at full speed. That is when the Heatmaster boilers give a helping hand.

Wish lists

Was it a challenge for our engineers? Yes, it surely was, because these catamarans are powered only on gas. Just gas and nothing but gas. Which is quite new and without question innovative. Our strength is that not only do we build excellent Hot Water Boilers but we also excel in the art of listening. Listening to our customers, working together in order to design customized products by building systems based on standards. Keeping a close eye on áll the aspects of the wish lists.

The newest additions to the fleet of Rederij Doeksen are two catamarans which are called ‘Willem Barentsz’ and ‘Willem de Vlamingh’. Names derived from famous Dutch explorers. During the spring of 2020 both ships will go into service. If you want to see them in action, you best give it a try at Marsdiep, Texelstroom, Doove Balg or De Boontjes.

The Art Of Heatsystem Design

What will the future bring? Ships making speed on wind energy, sailing like the explorers did centuries ago? As long as our customers give us the trust and opportunity to work with them on special projects like these, Heatmaster will keep performing The Art Of Heatsystem Design

Images: Rederij Doeksen