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Custom Design 2D / 3D

The Heatmaster-team is here to provide you with the best complete solution for your heating needs. Each system design is tailor-made with a focus on achieving optimal heating and cost efficiency for your specific application. Accurate dimensioning, correct configuration, as well as our custom-designed components all play a crucial role. Heatmaster offers no standard solutions, because every application is unique. We will however, if possible, base our design as much as possible on standard components to keep the designs competitive. Our designs are presented in 2D or 3D drawings. If required, our systems can be designed in accordance with specific regulations such as those for Safe Return to Port, gas-safe engine rooms or separate engine rooms for ships that are equipped with dynamic positioning technology. We can also incorporate the latest technological developments that impose their own requirements on fuel systems, such as the use of low Sulphur fuels, methanol and LNG, and the treatment of boil-off gas. We supply all components with the required certificates.

“3D design of our Dual Fuel Boilers. All major equipment can be delivered in STEP file format to our customers in order to make the 3D modeling of the entire vessel possible.”