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What is Heat System Design?

We design heating systems for shipping and industry, utilizing heating media such as thermal oil, hot water and steam. Heatmaster specializes in Heat System Design: Even for the most complex of heating requirements, we create robust system designs that stand out for their durability, reliability and high efficiency. Moreover, our heating systems are easy to control and read out, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces. That is the Art of Heat System Design.

Because of this approach, Heatmaster have built their name as a specialist and innovator in their field. No wonder that Heatmaster’s heating systems are found all around the globe.

Heat Balance Calculation

How much power does your engine room heating system actually require for heating oil or sludge?
We can also look into your requirements for cargo heating: which type of product do you transport, under which conditions, and how fast should the product reach the set temperature? How much heat does the accommodation use, and how can heat be recovered from flue gas or other resources?

With a complete overview of all heat consumers, heat sources, typical environmental conditions and efficiencies, we are able to calculate in detail how your vessel can be optimally heated. This is how we determine the required capacity of the boilers, and we advise on the right heating surface in the tanks. Our Heat Balance Calculation is the solid foundation of every Heatmaster system design.