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Heatmaster control system a brief description

Heatmaster succeeded in obtaining the order for 16 thermal oil heating systems for shipowner Spliethoff. The multipurpose cargo ships are built at two different ship yards in China.

The Heatmaster control system are special in those installations, for the operation of the heat consumers. The HCS is a PLC based system that can be easily operated with a touch screen. This sophisticated system reduces fuel costs, by automatic monitoring and controlling the temperature of the heaters, bunker tanks and other heat consumers.

The modules used for the system like the central processor unit, communication module, in- and output modules (analog en digital) are type approved by all classification society’s. Two different operating modus are used to control the heat consumers during seamode and harbourmode. This is to reduce the fuel cost of the oil fired heater when the ship is in harbour.

Each heatconsumers has his own 3-point controller so each consumer can have separate and independent settings for controlling the fuel temperature. The software which is the basis of the HCS system has been used for more then 25 years in the offshore and shipping industry.

A few functions of the HCS system:
  • The HCS system controls and guards the generated heat on board.
  • The most important issue of the HCS is that generated heat from the economisers is only dumped away in emergency cases. In the case that too little heat is generated from the economiser will large consumers be shut down automatically.
  • Each consumer has a separate 3-points controller.
  • Changing of wanted temperatures are done via touch screen with visualisation of wanted and actual tank temperatures.
  • Controlling and guarding for high and low tank temperatures.
  • Complete overview of the Total installation via mimic screen with analogue and digital visualisation of their system parameters.
All safeties and control devices for the thermal oil heating system and burner are included in the switchboard of the system this is separate from the HCS. The switchboards are delivered with class approval and whiteness certificate of class.


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